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  • Note that all desktops are customized specifically for 800 X 600 pixels {but users with 1024 X 768 (like me) can use them too, just use "stretch" in the window properties.}

Hello friends, fellow Beatlemaniacs, and people just searching for a new desktop. I am an obsessed Beatlegirl who was always searching for a new Beatles desktop, but I could never find any good ones, so I decided to make my own.

I'm always looking for great pics to work with! So if you come across a really cute picture then you could e-mail it to me in case I don't already have it.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, and check back often since I'm always adding new desktops.


-December 27-

*added Paul On Piano (Paul desktop)

*added Paul On Piano II (Paul desktop)

*added Paul On Piano III (Paul desktop)

*added Paul On Piano IV (Paul desktop)

-December 22-

*added Solo George (George desktop)

*added Solo George II (George desktop)

*added Solo George III (George desktop)

-December 20-

*added Lovely Ringo (Ringo desktop)

*added Lovely Ringo II (Ringo desktop)

*added Lovely Ringo III (Ringo desktop)

-December 13-

*added Eskimo Beatles (group desktop)

-December 9-

*added Mod Beatles II (group desktop)

Today's December 9th as you all know, so go spin Imagine, Across The Universe, Happy Xmas, [or insert favorite John Lennon song here] on your cd player. I know I am. We love you John!

-December 8-

*added Rubber Soul (group desktop)

-November 26-

*added Crystallized Beatles (group desktop)

-November 20-

*added Colorful Class (group desktop)

-November 7-

*added AHDN George (George desktop)

-October 28-

Yay! I finally have a screencapture system. That means I can finally start making desktops with screen captures from my DVD's. First up: AHDN John screencap made into a desktop. :-)

*added AHDN John (John desktop)

-October 20-

*added A Hard Day's Burst (group desktop)

-October 12-

*added October Beatles (group desktop)

-September 16-

*added Pleasantville Paul Walker (other desktop)

-August 20-

*added Rock'n'roll John (John desktop)

*added Rock'n'roll John Version 2 (John desktop)

-July 30-

*added Abbey Road (group desktop)

-July 22-

Hey. This is like the first time ever since this site opened that I've added an "other desktop." That's mostly because I figured that if I made other desktops, no one would care since this is a Beatles dekstop site. I've been tempted many times to make an other desktop, but I figured it probably wouldn't be worth it. Oh well, today I just couldn't resist so I finally made a pretty simple one with Travis (the band) in it. I just adore that band, they're my favorite contemporary band. I made it in 1024 X 768, by the way, because that's what my monitor is set to. :-)

*added Travis Version 1 (other desktop)

-July 21-

*added Starry Beatles (group desktop)

-July 17-

*added Mod Beatles (group desktop)

Hey. I hope everyone's summer is just being spiffy, and I made a new desktop for you guys.

There's something noteworthy to mention! This was the first site devoted exclusively to Beatles wallpapers and it started out as a wee place in cyberspace, with just a few wallpapers, (which are terrible in my opinion) and they are still viewable on the site to my dismay. ;) They're near the the bottom on the desktop pages. The first desktop I ever made was the Sound Of Music one, and the first Beatles one I made was the Help! movie collage desktop.

This site was launched on July 31, 2001, but I didn't start receiving visitors until later. What's really amazing is my counter is about to hit 10,000 soon, and it looks like it might hit around there on this site's one year anniversary. I have learned so much in just a little under a year about making computer fan art, with all those sessions of trial and error, experimentation, labor, and creativity.

I love having visitors, it's so thrilling to know how you guys actually are using the desktops on your computers.:-)

-July 13-

*added Dreamy Paul Part Two (Paul desktop)

-July 5-

*added Flower Psychedelic (John desktop)

-June 17-

*added Driving Rain (Paul desktop)

-June 13-

*added Silver Beatles (group desktop)

-June 1-

*added Strawberry Fields Forever (group desktop)

-May 29-

*added Splash Of Orange (Ringo desktop)

-April 30-

Hey, I've updated the main page a little. I decided to get the main graphics up even though I haven't finished. I have to make new headings for "welcome" and updates." Also, the links section isn't up, and probably won't be for awhile. I hope you enjoy the new change! :-)

-April 23-

*added The Legend (John and Paul desktop)

-April 19-

*added Spiffy Beatles (group desktop)

-April 14-

*added Dreamy George (George desktop)

-March 31-

I'd like to wish a Happy Easter toward those who celebrate it!

*added Young Blood (Paul and George desktop)

-March 24-

*added Dreamy Paul (Paul desktop)

-March 20-

*added I'll Follow The Sun (group desktop)

-March 15-

*added Liverpool Lads (group desktop)

-March 8 -

Hey everyone, it's March! I've made a new desktop featuring George and John.

*added George and John (John and George desktop)

-February 22-

I've added a group desktop.

*added Beatles On Stage (group desktop)

-February 16 -

Hey, I know it's been awhile, but I've been really busy. Also, not having an html editor doesn't help much either. I'm writing this right now with some new and confusing trial thingy while I'm hunting for a new one. I have made a new Ringo desktop though!

*added Don't Pass Me By (Ringo desktop)

-January 12-

Yay it's a new month and a new year, so here's wishing the best for 2002. :-) I've added a new John desktop.

*added Glass Onion (John) desktop

*added Like Dreamers Do (Paul) desktop

-December 30-

*added In Memory Of George Part 3 desktop

-December 21-

*added Christmas With The Beatles (group) desktop

-December 6-

*added In Memory Of George Part 2 desktop

-December 2-

Hey everyone. December arrives with the news that George has passed away. I express sincere condolences to his family. The best part about being a Beatle fan is the wonderful love and support we give each other, especially in times like this. I've added one of a few desktops that I am planning in memory of George.




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